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Professional development

Working with the former CEO, education manager and communication manager to provide input with developing various support programmes for members in the community (professional development and self-development), and charitable partners who support the work of arts with mental health & well-being projects. My input was requested to help shape ideas for marketing, and future work. In addition I led a group mentoring programme for artists and was project manager for their Creative Network programme. I also run ad. hoc business skills workshops at their centre.


"Abbi has been working with New Brewery Arts delivering professional development as part of our programmes and getting involved in other projects here. She brings with her a broad range of experience from being a designer maker and having the credibility of having her own business. She has mentored fledgling businesses here and given them wings. Tenacious, unflappable, friendly yet persuasive, Abbi gets to grips with projects quickly. Project managing our Creative Pathways courses, she finds a route through which works for everyone involved. Abbi took on the administrative elements and helped design the programme and market and recruit with only gentle support at a time when the core team were stretched."

"To work with Abbi is approachable and interested, she is flexible and organised." Ali Russell, CEO of New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.