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#BLM photography exhibitions representing Rider Shafique

Project details –

  • Curatation of two small exhibitions featuring BAME artist and photographer Rider Shafique. This combined commissioned work by local photographer documenting two poignant strands; Black History (#BLM) and Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Worked with Gloucester History Festival manager and other partners to allocate budget and support artist.
  • Identified and worked with venues for exhibiting the artworks.
  • The aim of the project was to make Black History more visible by securing external and other locations to show work.
  • Liaised with and supported artist throughout process ensuring print deadlines were met.
  • Coordination of print and installation, for work to be on display from 5-20 September
  • Liaised with artist to ensure content was available for marketing.
  • Documentation of intellectual property rights prior to display in exhibition and potential transfer to Gloucestershire Archives (capturing today’s stories for future generations).
  • Venues secured; Gloucester Cathedral and the Folk of Gloucester.