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Finance, Costing and Planning CPD training day for emerging craftspeople

Hired as trainer on the Crafts Council Hothouse 5 programme, involving research, design and delivery of learning in line with brief and output expectations.

Below are excerpts from a blog written by one of the participants who attended a training day delivered Abbi Kirby.

"Our latest session was held Cornwall...The build up to our latest session in Krowji has been the most apprehensive so far, as I find the topic of finance quite daunting. I wasn’t the only one who felt like this on the day."

Abbi Kirby, our workshop leader for finance, costing and planning, was very enthusiastic and engaging on what is inevitably a dry subject. We started the day by focusing on the importance of budgeting and cash flow for our creative business. The advantage of Abbi showing us how to effectively use budgets and cash flow made it seem less of a chore, and turned it into a motivational task for me to evaluate my finance. This was a tough part of the session as it made me question my values and opportunities that are currently realistically attainable. It also showed me what my limits are at this early stage of my creative practice. This aspect of the programme has grounded me with a well-needed reality check, whilst providing me with the chance to be more proactive and selective with opportunities that best suit the growth of my practice."

"...we moved on to costing our work. We initially discussed in pairs, and then as a whole group the current price of one of our pieces of work. Most of these prices changed after we used Abbi’s method of costing. This task was a real eye-opener for myself, not just the change in price, but actually understanding the importance of paying myself correctly to have a profitable business."

"...we split into groups to establish where our work sat within contemporary craft. During this time my group discussed the expectations of finance and general does and dont's between the customer and craftspersons within a gallery shop market. Personally I feel very inexperienced working with my potential customers, and found discussing topics such as terms and conditions and general etiquette and expectations between the customer and craftspersons a very useful task. It led me to not only start feeling more confident and comfortable with the new prices of my work, but with my own work and business values. It has also given me some confidence to pursue and maintain relationships with potential customers."

"Even though I found this day the hardest so far, as reflected in our faces at the end of the day, it has also been the most beneficial..."


Written by Jessica Thorn, 2 June 2015
Full blog post can be found here, scroll down to article date 2 June 2015.

"Indepth explanations with good mix of task - very interactive. Abbi was a confident speaker and approachable. Her templates and resources were very clear." Joanna Bury, Jeweller designer (Hothouse 15 participant)