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Project manager for Creative Pathway course

This project involved leading on 'Creative Pathways' course which was developed and run by New Brewery Arts and generously funded by the Community Learning Programme and Cirencester College, reporting to NBA and Cirencester College. Creative Pathways 6 month course.

This role involved unpacking the course into manageable tasks through project management, coordination, timetabling, recruiting tutors, marketing for recruitment of students, organised and ran events for students and tutors, delivered mentoring sessions with all students, collation of all paperwork for funders. Regular assessment and observation of students and venue provider using funders’ guidelines and paperwork. Incorporated traditional empirical research methods as well as less traditional methods such as creative thinking techniques to monitor students’ progress. Disseminated feedback and reported to clients and funders.

" Working with Abbi was a pleasure! She was always available, supportive and enthusiastic about our project. She tried extremley hard to fully understand the desired outcomes and at the end of the programme she was particularly vigilant about ensuring that all the documentation and evidence to enable a thorough audit trail was completed and collated. Thank you Abbi!" Annabelle Carter, Apprenticeship Team, Cirencester College