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Time To Think

Written by Abbi on October 03, 2020

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Time To Think’ by Nancy Kline and it’s actually reshaped my mindset without realising that I needed to hit re-set. In our household it is very difficult to say something without being interrupted. The older my boys become, the more I get interrupted. I let the boys interrupt me. Likewise, I’m guilty of interrupting them. However when someone interrupts my husband, he makes a point of saying ‘Can I speak please you’ve interrupted me,’ (which is very assertive but still I find annoying.) I also noticed that this goes on a lot at work. People get interrupted loads, especially in meetings. I didn’t realise how frustrated being interrupted made me feel until I started reading this book. Then I wondered how others must feel when they’re interrupted….Actually, I didn’t realise how much I interrupt people until I started reading this book. since reading the book I've noticed a slight shift within my own behaviours. But it does take practise. Step one is to appreciate why a thinking environment is important. The right conditions need to be set so others can think for themselves and think together. The book is written for the workplace and there are definitely useful aspects for social and home life. Well worth a read, especially if you are seeking to polish up on your listening skills at work, or indeed in your social and home life.

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