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About Me

Written by Abbi on October 31, 2020

The About-me biog page is always very difficult task. The countless edits I make to my about page on here and on my biogs on social media is indicative to how it pains me. On my website, I have been known to change the tone from formal to informal and have written in third person and then changed it. I've gone down the academic written phase to a magazine editorial feel. There are so many ways of writing an About-me page. If experience has taught me anything, the quality in your biog is about what feels right for you. Putting your best voice forward; being truthful in tone, use of language, what words you pick and the pace of writing is as if you were talking, from the heart, so that the reader captures your essence. I think that is the only real way to make you stand out. Keep to a simple framework to help structure the flow of your biog and write the way you speak.




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