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Mentoring Back Into Mainstream Education

My youngest ever mentee who was under 18 and out of mainstream education. He attended a mix of short classes spread out over the weeks which was a great start but totalled to less than nine hours per week. This meant that he did not have access to peer groups or support with engaging in a curriculum fitting for his age. Inevitably, he was not able to make future career choices.


The mentoring sessions were carried out on a weekly basis over a period of six months. There was structure to each session with weekly targets to achieve which we reviewed every 6 weeks to help assess progress.


I set outcomes to challenge the individual which resulted in some extremely positive results. Most importantly, the young person has managed to emerge out of his thoughts and start viewing himself as someone who wants to tackle his career with gusto.



"Abbi has worked wonders with my 17 year old son. Before he started the one to one sessions he seemed to feel quite hopeless and had given up on education. After just a few sessions, he had a CV, had got himself a part time job and was preparing to go to college. Something that he was not willing to consider previously. You have helped him to gain confidence in himself. Thank you so much." Parent