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Why business mentoring was useful for me

1. Name of business?
Julia Goddan painting

2. Where were you within your work before you hired Abbi?
Rather broad, and full of ideas that merely created overwhelm. My practice, and business approach was driven from this place, not a good place to inspire the creative process particularly.
3. Why did you decide to commit to regular mentoring with Abbi?
Streamlining. To zone in on areas that needed attention, and edit out the rest. As well as regular support, and accountability.
4. How has regular sessions helped you and your work?
To get really clear on the direction and to stay focused and not get ahead. To fully engage each step with committed action before moving on.

5. How are things progressing since hiring Abbi?
Although have temporarily slowed down whilst committing to other life issues, there is still a dedication to the process of making art into a sustainable business with a clearer definition of what it entails for me personally.
6. Describe Abbi as your business mentor
The radical honest approach. The ability to see what needs to happen even if its against what is chosen or desired, its the ability to pull together an effective plan of action that uses a truth that is an act of bravery in a sense, the willingness to say what needs to be said for the highest good and potential. A very rare gift.
7. How has your work grown since hiring Abbi?
I am able to take new directions, work more succinctly and move into new areas of potential and viewing  from a different perspective in order to consider a various  course of action where my creativity is concerned. I can view myself more confidently as having a style or brand that is unique to me, and identify with that from a deeper place. I can refer to the session notes and reflect on what is beneficial for me, and this allows me to move in alignment towards my goals. Having the sessions are a real gift in creating a business that surpasses trying to do it alone.