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Identifying short term and long term goals for the clients' business.

"I walked away from the session feeling more focused and with stronger self-belief and confidence. The exercises gave me enough insight to see I am doing okay and it is worth keeping at it.  I felt less fear and more belief in what I am doing - it is the right way to go.  Abbi gave me gentle validation and subtle feedback and I came away with a different perspective.  It took a day or so to sink in but it was definitely a turning point in terms of commitment to myself and my work - my attitude toward myself and my capabilities if I put the effort in.  It was a positive and expansive experience. Abbi's research of me was a surprise and comforting - it felt like she made a real effort to find out about me before we met and so she was well prepared. It felt respectful and that I was taken seriously.  I now feel that I need to develop my path ahead in a way that I will feel satisfied when I look back.  I also walked away knowing clearly what my priorities would be for the next 3 years!"